Analyst report: BARC

The State of ESG & Sustainability Reporting

A topical survey by BARC

The importance of implementing an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting is not only driven by EU regulations, but also customer & market demands. Companies typically refer to multiple ESG frameworks in their reporting and go beyond the minimum required scope. However, due to the range of standards, stakeholders, and technical implementation options, there is currently no standardized procedure for ESG reporting in the market. As a result, many companies do not meet the requirements or even go above and beyond. For companies with complex supply chains, ESG reporting can be particularly data and workflow-intensive, making the need for tool support even more critical.

This BARC study examines the challenges on the road to ESG reporting and the tools companies are using to implement the requirements.

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  • The different approaches within ESG reporting
  • The motivation and challenges on the road to ESG
  • The recommendations from BARC how to tackle ESG reporting for your company