On-demand Webinar

The State of Supply Chain Planning Solutions 2023: Market Analysis with Wipro and Dresner

Get the latest insights on how supply chain planning solutions can impact your organization’s bottom line.  


This interactive discussion was led by Wipro, a global IT consultancy leader, as well as the research firm Dresner Advisory Services. Experts broke down the most recent Wisdom of Crowds® Supply Chain Planning and Analysis Market Study.

In addition to learning more about the current business landscape, the discussion will also include topics such as:

  • Value-adding strategies planning executives can focus on in 2023
  • What planning capabilities are most impactful to manage volatility
  • Best practices for supply chain planning processes to implement today
  • Barriers to adopting a new planning solution (and how to overcome them)
  • Key criteria to use when evaluating planning solutions for your business

After watching the webinar, make sure you get your copy of the Wisdom of Crowds Supply Chain Planning and Analysis Market Study here.