On-demand Webinar

How IBP is Driving Innovation in the Office of Finance co-hosted with Industry expert Oliver Wight - Asia Pacific

With special guest Stuart Harman Partner, Oliver Wight Asia Pacific



As businesses seek new ways to drive efficiency and profitability, the days of disjointed, spreadsheet-based financial and operational plans are numbered. Leading organisations are increasingly moving to an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach to improve business partnering, enhance process automation, and create a baseline for modernisation.

Board's unified approach enables businesses to achieve this vision, linking information together from across the business and driving increased performance and business value.

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how Board enables a truly integrated approach to planning by:

  • Linking and understand the interdependencies between strategic, financial, and operational results 
  • Combine data, to create a single source of truth on which to base all financial planning activities including financial statements, consolidation, intercompany measurement, multi-currency management, and value add activities
  • Encourage collaboration between all departments and generate a shared understanding of how departmental activities impact the rest of the business
  • Build a robust agreed go-to-market plan with input from all departments and teams
  • Provide a historical baseline of performance to allow you to simulate the impact of initiatives now and in the future
  • Create a culture of accountability amongst all departments and the business for their numbers
  • Enables the finance team to support the broader organisation as true “business partners”

We are joined on this occasion by Stuart Harman, Partner with Oliver Wight Asia Pacific who lives and breathes Integrated Business Planning. He will share typical challenges and insights into how IBP is leading innovation in the office of finance. 

About Stuart Harman

Stuart is based in Sydney, Australia but has spent 20 years working in key change agent roles in major manufacturing organisations around the world. Whilst gaining deep knowledge in a number of industries including metals and FMCG he has developed extensive experience in improving and linking processes across organisations and supply chains to enable the successful deployment of strategy Stuart has specialist expertise in strategy management, Integrated Business Planning, purchasing and Agile, Lean, Sigma.

For more information https://www.oliverwightasiapacific.com/