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How H&M Took Workforce Planning to the Next Level with Board

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For enterprise organizations, every minute matters - from the shop floor to the boardroom. But many businesses lack the tools and technology required to gain a single view of the workforce, preventing them from acting in a swift and agile manner. 

In this exclusive virtual case study, Aila Strub, Head of Workforce Management, shares how H&M, one of the largest fashion retailers in the world, transformed workforce planning for its retail stores, using Board to get a holistic, real-time view of over 70 countries, 5,000 points of sale worldwide, and 126,000 employees.

The recording also reveals how Board’s technology for workforce planning & analytics can help enterprises to:

  • Tighten up the connection between strategic goals and the workforce
  • Model scenarios and test the impact of transfers, restructures, and reskilling
  • Plan headcount, with real-time visibility of the cost of employment
  • Determine optimal workforce and spending levels 

... and more.