On-demand Webinar

Accelerating Planning & Analytics Transformation in Automotive Suppliers


Optimizing processes while innovating is vital in the fast-paced automotive parts industry. For many companies this can be challenging, as masses of data held in disparate spreadsheets creates a lack of overall visibility and unexpected demand impacts on resource availability. 
Unifying Business Intelligence, Financial Performance Management, and Operations Planning capabilities, the Board decision-making platform gives automotive suppliers the clarity they need to take a more integrated reporting and business planning approach. Monitor performance in real time, forecast demand for spare parts, run consistent production plans, and manage product investment costs with ease thanks to a link between financial and operational data. 
Watch this webinar to learn how Board is being utilized by automotive suppliers to: 
• Create clarity over performance business-wide with a single point of truth for data
• Support the bid management process
• Drive collaboration between divisions by enabling them to see the impact of their activities on other departments
• Enable accurate planning of skills and resources based on forecasted demand
• Calculate the investment costs of developing and manufacturing components over the course of their lifetime