On-demand Webinar

Accelerating Planning & Analytics Transformation in Automotive Manufacturing


Automotive manufacturers are faced with changing consumer preferences, the battle to deliver innovative, low emission vehicles, and rising costs. Planning and analysis is no easy task in this unpredictable environment, thanks to masses of data sources, systems, and spreadsheets. 
The Board decision-making platform overcomes these challenges by unifying data from across the business, creating a single point of truth for analysis, simulation, and planning. Board enables management teams to make better decisions by making it possible for plans and targets to be cascaded up and down between the strategic, financial, and operational levels of the business, driving transparency, accountability, and accuracy.
Watch this webinar and discover how leading automotive manufacturers are using Board to drive an integrated approach to business planning and reporting which:
• Provides fast, accurate understanding of real time performance and the financial impact of manufacturing operations
• Simplifies and standardizes budgeting activities across every department, without the need for spreadsheets
• Enables accurate R&D, labor, and cost planning based on resource availability and the impact on product profitability
• Determines vehicle profitability and delivers the ability to model different scenarios to improve production efficiency
• Supports Rough-Cut Capacity Planning and Purchasing Planning approaches