On-demand Webinar

Improve Productivity and Profitability in Manufacturing with Advanced Analytics

Balancing supply and demand is an ongoing challenge for manufacturers. The continuous combination of monitoring, analysis, reporting, and planning activities required are often completed in silos across different production lines, sales, and departments. This leads to repetitive planning processes, a lack of performance transparency, and the risk of missing opportunities for improving efficiency.

Watch this webinar to learn how an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach enables leading manufacturing organizations to unify planning and reporting activities across the entire business increasing accuracy, visibility and profitability.

We will share how an Integrated Planning approach can:

  • Create complete visibility of activities and performance through the entire manufacture to supply process
  • Unify planning cycles across the business and drive a more collaborative approach to the creation, review and delivery of agreed goals and plans
  • Facilitate the sharing of reliable data across every department, increasing the accuracy of planning and reporting processes
  • Enable users to forecast and predict the potential outcome of choices to make informed decisions and allow departments to continuously review and monitor decisions and make adjustments to plans in real-time if required
  • Provide an understanding of the value creation impact for each activity by connecting financial and operational aspects
  • Accurate budgeting, planning and forecasting