Global Planning Survey 2023

What do 2,454 industry experts say about the state of business planning?

Unprecedented global events have given businesses cause for concern. Despite being a top priority in 2023, 90% of transformative planning efforts have fallen short—leaving organizations scrambling in the face of unexpected adversity.

This benchmark report provides valuable insights and data to help businesses understand the current state of planning across multiple industries and regions. It analyzes a rapidly evolving landscape, identifies key trends to watch, and delivers four strategies every organization needs to stay ahead. Key findings include:

  • Only 13% of businesses remain unaffected by recent globally significant events
  • Almost 50% of all business planning uses spreadsheets—a tool from the 1980s
  • 85% of businesses take planning more seriously and want to modernize efforts
  • 94% think their company's board of directors should pursue a more strategic approach

To see where your organization stands in the market, download the Global Planning Survey 2023.