Board for Assortment Planning

Maximize customer experience through the right collection of products

With customer choice ever-increasing, retailers must work harder than ever before to offer the right collection of products. Gathering the right insights to inform Assortment Planning can be challenging when relying on multiple systems and spreadsheets, and a more intelligent approach is required for retailers to take the process to the next level. 

Board is an integrated retail planning platform combining Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy, Range and Assortment Planning, and Allocation & Replenishment. It is a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for smart, agile retailers that want to tackle all planning and analytics needs at a fraction of the time and cost they would spend elsewhere.

Board’s Assortment Planning solution combines in-depth analytics, consumer purchase preferences, assortment lifecycle planning, and sizing and prepack optimization into a simplified workflow, whilst ensuring alignment with the creative design and buying process. Board combines the “Art” with the “Science” of the assortment process, supporting the creative activity of buying within the framework of carefully calculated numerical budgets.


Download this flyer to discover how Board can enable retailers to:

  • Create a seamless flow from quantitative planning to range planning
  • Give each store a meaningful range that supports sales, fits in their space, and works to their strengths
  • Review and manage ranges with more clarity and control