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Designed to showcase your product expertise, the Board Certification Program formally recognizes your knowledge of the Board platform. Display your certified badge with pride, proving you have what it takes to implement transformative solutions using the #1 Decision-Making Platform.

The first phase of this program is for Board Partners only with customer phase to follow shortly, so stay tuned for further announcements.

Validate your knowledge

The Board platform has a wide range of capabilities covering multiple types of business process. Check your knowledge in all of the key areas by taking our certification tests.

Differentiate yourself

There are many skilled Board consultants out there. Stand out from the crowd by achieving certified status, helping others to recognize that you have the skills required to deliver excellent project results.

Gain project priority

We’re always searching for the best talent to implement our transformative projects. Help to put yourself in prime position for project allocation with a certified badge.

A new Certification Program is coming soon!

For this reason, just the Professional level is available and is accessible only to those who have already obtained the Practitioner certificate in the past.
In the meantime, the Academy Team released a new interactive training course, so if you are interested in the new Certification Program we highly recommend starting with the Foundations of building in Board.
Additional information about the Academy and the Foundations of Building in Board HERE
Stay tuned for the upcoming news!

Board Professional

The Board Professional badge is reserved for those who have mastered, with experience, the three main elements of Board delivery: data, visualization, and process. You’ll need a Practitioner badge, hands on experience, as well as sound knowledge of areas such as data modeling, the Board architecture, the possibilities of the visual UI, and best practices in business processes.

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