Board 11 sparks your business imagination.

A completely redesigned engine, a new HTML5 administration and design interface, and revolutionary data modeling capabilities make it easier than ever before to translate your visions into innovative decision-making solutions.

Supercharged performance with utmost ease

WAVE: power and simplicity

The Board WAVE Engine is the outcome of a four-year development process which has drastically changed the Board technology at its core, making it both simpler and more powerful. WAVE uniquely combines performance with the capability to simplify complexity, enhancing Board’s position as the leading platform to manage end-to-end decision-making processes in large organizations.

Board 11 - WAVE engine
  • Super-fast, Super-large, Super-granular
  • Highly-parallel processing
  • Concurrent data-loading
  • Hyper-fast dataflow calculations
  • Robotic data model configuration
  • Automatic optimization through learning

Powerful functionalities and user-centric design

A renewed user-experience

B11 offers a brand-new HTML5 capsule and database design environment and a range of new functionality that makes the creation, management, and use of analytics and planning applications simpler than ever.
From one side a more intuitive web User Interface, combined with the reengineering of key administration and development capabilities, streamlines authoring and data management processes.
From the other side the introduction of embedded impact analysis and new functional enhancements for user administration, capsule design, and the creation and update of data models, makes the management of Board applications easier across their entire lifecycle.

Board 11 - New screen
Board 11 - Relatioships
  • Intuitive and powerful HTML5 database and capsule designer
  • Self-service report subscription and simplified broadcasting
  • Responsive screen-fitting
  • Built-in Data Lineage and Impact analysis
  • Embedded XBRL reporting
  • Smart notes, advanced charting, icons

More powerful data insights

Innovative analytical capabilities

B11 introduces a series of analytics capabilities conceived to seize the potential of your data and transform insights into real business results across end-to-end decision-making processes.

Board 11 - Data view
  • Innovative analytical capabilities
  • New analytical functions
  • Text analytics

Power and simplicity boost next-level decision-making

Pietro Ferrari, Board International’s CTO, explains the impact Board 11 is having on enterprise decisions.

Board 11 - What's new
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