Analyst report: BARC

BARC - Integrated Planning & Analytics in Practice

Corporate Performance Management and Analytics with Board’s Integrated Platform

Markets and competition today are highly dynamic and complex, and the future is characterized by uncertainty. Increasing volatility demands adjustments to corporate management, as well as planning and forecasting, to satisfy growing requirements. Specifically, a dynamic environment requires flexible decision support and short-term updates of targets and forecasts. For continued well-founded decision-making in the face of these challenges, corporate planning and analytics need to be carried out efficiently, in shorter cycles, and must be updated quickly. This rapid cycle cannot be achieved without reliable software support.

This exclusive Case Study Report by BARC is the final piece of an in-depth study into the importance of integrated planning and analytics. Download it now to discover how three leading organizations - Capitec, Granarolo, and KUKA - have digitally transformed CPM and analytics with the Board Decision-Making Platform.

Capitec, Granarolo, and KUKA