Board Enterprise Analytics Modelling (BEAM)

Drive better decision-making through more meaningful and predictive insights from your data

Board BEAM seamlessly integrates advanced and predictive analytics with business intelligence and performance management, making it easier than ever for anyone to quickly gain powerful business insights and take action.

Fully embedded within the Board decision-making platform, Board BEAM combines:

  • Predictive Analytics - Produce extremely accurate forecasts using automated predictive modelling capabilities, at a fraction of the time taken by traditional analytics solutions
  • Clustering - Automatically group customers, products, or other entities into clusters for use within analysis and reporting
  • Analytical Functions - Increase the value of your business analyses, reports, and dashboards and build powerful analytical models using out-of-the-box statistical functions

BEAM uses advanced technology to deliver an efficient, scalable, flexible approach to advanced analytics, giving all users the ability to gather the forward-looking insights needed to inform business decision-making. 

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