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00:00:03Is demand planning driving you crazy? You're not the only one.

00:00:07This job is more complex and more important than ever thanks to frequent supply

00:00:11chain disruptions, changing customer sentiment and new technologies like AI.

00:00:16That's why over 2,000 leading global organizations turn to the Board Intelligent

00:00:20Planning Platform.

00:00:21And that's why I'm here with a short demo of how Board solutions can help you

00:00:25and your business plan smarter.

00:00:29Let's say I'm on the sales and operations planning team at PenCo,

00:00:32a leading producer of, you guessed it, pens. And as demand planner extraordinaire,

00:00:37I need to see the future to understand which factors impact product, supply,

00:00:41production costs, and demand, and to play out scenarios.

00:00:45This helps PenCo make informed decisions, to sell more pens, and to do better

00:00:49business. Now, this used to take days. With Board Intelligent Planning,

00:00:54I can do it all in minutes. Let me show you how.

00:00:58Here's my demand planning dashboard. Hey,

00:01:01looks like our flagship ballpoint pens had a pretty significant demand spike in

00:01:05June. Let's take a closer look. This calls for some scenario planning.

00:01:10Let's model our sales price and sales volume uplift and explore margin


00:01:15I bet my leadership team will be thrilled to make a proactive data-driven

00:01:19decision now. So let's consider three scenarios. First,

00:01:24we have a safe one, passing some cost increase onto customers with a 3% price

00:01:27hike, netting us an 8% sales uplift.

00:01:30Then there's a middle road which passes all of the increased cost onto our

00:01:34customers, but nets a smaller 7% increase. And finally,

00:01:38there's the bold approach,

00:01:39which absorbs all the increased cost and boosts sales by 20%.

00:01:44But how do we know which option is best for the business? Time for a showdown.

00:01:49Let's compare the impact on volume, revenue, and net margin for each scenario.

00:01:54I can even adjust the phasing of the uplift over time to represent the expected

00:01:57market response to price changes. There we go.

00:02:00Comparing scenarios side by side,

00:02:02we now have a data-driven forecast that supports the middle road, generating the

00:02:06biggest margin.

00:02:07I can't wait to share this recommendation with the sales and operations leadership

00:02:11team. Now that's just the beginning. With Board,

00:02:15I can drill down by product, region, customer,

00:02:18and more to address planning challenges across our business,

00:02:21eliminating guesswork and countless hours of manual work and lost opportunity.

00:02:26Visit to learn more and talk to an expert about the power of

00:02:30Intelligent Planning.