Enrich data and enhance planning to outpace your competition.




00:00:01Today's retail environment is tougher than ever, and amidst rising costs, inflation, and fast-changing consumer preferences, it's time for retailers to re-evaluate their financial planning environments.

00:00:13The truth is the organizational and technology silos of the past are slowing retailers down, limiting their agility, and costing them competitive edge.

00:00:21There's a solution. With Intelligent Retail Planning™ from Board, you can orchestrate planning across all core processes such as financial and assortment, open-to-buy, and demand planning.

00:00:32In this demo, I'll show you how Board merchandise financial planning, or MFP, can help you build a more resilient planning process and get ahead of the competition.

00:00:42My Board application's home screen gives me easy access to every part of my retail planning process, including the financial scenario planning capability I need in today's world of change.

00:00:52I can quickly understand and plan the demand, clear excess inventory, gain control of liquidity, and optimize profitability.

00:01:00Key metrics and sales dashboards are available through a simple and merchant-friendly UI.

00:01:10With real-time collaboration, I can connect with key decision-makers, adjust at the speed of change, and know that we're all using the same trusted data and insights.

00:01:22Board's fully integrated planning modules can turn merchandising strategies into faster execution and better business outcomes, such as assortment and open-to-buy.

00:01:33In this open-to-buy example, I can plan at channel, country, and then drill into any level of merchandising hierarchy to build my plan.

00:01:43Through this integrated OTB planning step, I can execute optimal buy and margins, reducing inventory, and improving sales through more accurate forecasts and integrated financial scenarios.

00:01:56Now that's Intelligent Retail Planning only from Board.

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