Effectively manage goods from supplier to shop floor

Intelligent Planning for Specialty and Hardlines retailers

Specialty & Hardlines Image 1
This is an example homepage of a planning suite for the operations of a specialty retailer

As consumers become increasingly savvy with their spending, specialty and hardlines retailers are faced with the challenge of competitively pricing and promoting goods without affecting profitability. As an Intelligent Planning Platform, Board empowers retailers to turn consumer spending patterns into profitable plans, aligning product strategy to customers’ needs.

Effectively analyze performance with powerful Retail Analytics

Analyze financial and operational data in a centralized platform, giving you full visibility of activity and performance across the business.

  • Gain a single view of business performance

    Unify data from across the supply chain in a single platform and uncover insights with interactive dashboards and reports

  • Analyze retail data at multiple levels

    Undertake in-depth analysis on your data at every level of the business, from Head Office down to individual stores

  • Drive faster decisions with self-service analytics

    Empower users to analyze data as and when they need to, supporting them to make faster, more accurate decisions

  • Link Business Intelligence insight with planning activities

    Unified planning and analysis capabilities enable the use of data insights in planning activities, driving accurate and informed decisions

Specialty & Hardlines Image 2
This dashboard shows a typical set of KPIs in use in retail at store level

Take a more joined up approach to Strategic Retail Planning

Cascade high-level strategies down to financial and operational goals to create clear targets and KPIs for individual stores.

Specialty & Hardlines Image 3
It is a screen to analyze the different strategic scenarios and options in terms of business initiatives.
  • Ensure full transparency of business-wide performance

    Unify data from every process to create a single version of the truth for all analysis, planning, and reporting activities

  • Create strategic initiatives with ease

    Produce and monitor the progress of new initiatives such as new product or brand launches

  • Model the outcome of your decisions

    Create scenarios and assess their potential impact on the bottom line before choosing the most favorable one based on the predicted outcome

  • Quickly set short, medium, and longer-term goals

    Monitor budgets across any time period and compare them to projected performance

Drive Retail Financial Planning efficiency

Produce accurate financial plans using data from every area of the business, ensuring you have the complete, most up-to-date picture.

  • Turn strategic targets into financial objectives

    Produce a plan which works for all departments by distributing targets and financial goals at brand/region/channel level

  • Understand the financial impact of operational activities

    The combination of data from multiple departments in a single solution creates visibility of the true cost of initiatives

  • Save time by automating finance activities

    Replace time-consuming financial processes with automated collation and consolidation, freeing employees up to focus on strategic tasks

Specialty & Hardlines Image 4
This is an example of a Financial Planning & Analysis screen

Revolutionize your Merchandise Financial Planning

Create effective pre-season plans for sales, margins, and stock, which are linked to your Financial Plans and Budgets, driving complete accuracy and transparency across the process.

Specialty & Hardlines Image 5
The screen shows an example of Merchandise & Financial Planning, setting the season targets at Category level
  • Implement a fully integrated approach to planning across all sales channels

    Plan sales by brand and channel and split categories by month/week, phase of the collection, and capsules over the year

  • Manage markdowns with ease

    Assess the impact of markdowns by automatically calculating margins, taking closing inventory level into consideration

  • Effortlessly conduct purchase planning

    Take weeks of coverage, stock turn, and balancing of the supplier network into account when defining initial stock levels and the strategic allocation

Find the optimal Category Planning mix

Easily manage multiple product categories to ensure you capitalize on high performing products and discontinue less successful ranges.

  • Assign targets to different products

    Manage each product category as though it was its own business unit, assigning targets to help drive overall performance (revenue/traffic/margin generator, etc.)

  • Quickly understand the performance of each category

    Create auto-updating scorecards which enable you to easily monitor and analyze strategic, operational, and financial success

  • Model the impact of different product strategies to determine the best mix

    Simulate and compare different versions of your product strategies with scenario modeling, in an environment which enables the internal sharing of information and collaboration with key suppliers

Specialty & Hardlines Image 6
This shows how to manage the category planning in terms of which family of products goes to which formaqt of store.

Increase Replenishment accuracy and efficiency

Gain full control of on-shelf availability and service levels, ensuring customers have access to the products they want, when they want them.

Specialty & Hardlines Image 7
This dashboard shows the on-shelf availability of some non-food goods
  • Increase stock analysis & shelf availability reporting accuracy

    Cluster your different product groups with ease for easy reporting of on-shelf availability and develop service level indexes to inform your replenishment policies

  • Produce accurate product demand forecasts

    Use statistical forecasting capabilities to assess future demand and adapt accordingly

  • Easily manage replenishment activities

    Combine target levels of shelf availability and supply chain lead times to regulate replenishment quantities and slots

Increased reporting accuracy, process efficiency, and a reduction in forecasting cycles from 10 days to two

The Board application has changed our processes by making us more flexible, dynamic, and able to quickly answer questions that arise without having to invest a lot of time in building a new report.
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