Supply chain

Rough-Cut Capacity Planning to balance production capacity with demand

Test your effective capacity and maximize your operational efficiency

Successfully deal with volatility in customer demand using Board to create complete transparency of key resource availability and test operational capacity, boosting process efficiency.

Rough-cut Capacity Planning Image 1
A Rough cut capacity plan built in Board showing production areas of loading that need review

Rough-Cut Capacity Planning software designed for collaborative working

Board's Intelligent Planning Platform enables companies to effectively conduct Rough-Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) based on a unified, transparent view of business data.

Rough-cut Capacity Planning Image 2
A review of Production utilization built in Board to consider capacity opportunities in review.
  • Acknowledge output targets

    Acknowledge the master production schedule in terms of product volumes to be fulfilled and relative requirements for key resources such as workforce and capital

  • Estimate input needs

    Calculate a rough estimate of the needs in terms of critical resources such as headcount, number of shifts, plants, machines, and utilization rate

  • Test capacity

    Compare the estimated need for key resources against demonstrated capacity from actual performance data and validate or adjust the master production schedule accordingly

  • Remove the risk of incidents

    Accomplish rough capacity planning and periodical re-planning cycles to detect, on time, specific cases which deviate from the norm and avoid critical issues in terms of bottlenecks and over-saturation

  • Enhance collaboration

    Take advantage of native collaborative workflow capabilities, guaranteeing continuous collaboration among the supply chain and HR departments

Accurate matching of demand planning with available production resources

Our planning is integrated now, which is very gratifying. Compared to most other companies we’re way ahead in terms of the structured way we are interlinking the entire process – from strategic planning, to sales, to production planning.
Rough-cut Capacity Planning Image 3

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