Boost your top line with better sales planning

Drive sales and improve monitoring & control with sales planning software that gives you end-to-end visibility from customer segmentation to signed order

Monitor and control sales performance, focus commercial efforts on strategic targets, plan key sales value drivers, and re-orient commercial action plans according to in-depth sales insights with the Board Enterprise Planning Platform.

Sales Planning Image 1
The screen shows an example of Sales Forecasting built wth Board, integrating data

Perform detailed customer segmentation

Start your sales planning journey by extracting relevant insights about customer needs, preferences, and buying behavior to drive sales budgeting and quota and territory planning.

Sales Planning Image 2
The screen shows an account segementation dashboard built with Board
  • Easily segment your customers

    Easily define and analyze your customer base in terms of needs, preferences, key buying factors, business attributes (i.e. industrial sector, size, and country), and key commercial performance indicators (i.e. volume growth, cross selling results, and gross margin increase)

  • Make your segmentation more accurate with analytics

    Perform customer segmentation by applying Board’s native K-means clustering algorithm to your data set to create more effective and significant segments

  • Effortlessly get in-depth business insight

    Explore your customer data and get the business insights you need to detect customers’ sales potential and support your customer value optimization strategy

  • Effectively manage customer portfolios

    Support customer portfolio construction within sales budgeting and quota & territory planning processes, providing all necessary information to match each customer with the right rep

Enhance your sales budgeting activities

Drive your sales budgeting process within a workflow environment, taking advantage of the platform’s native business modeling and simulation features.

  • Plan across any time horizon

    Exploit fully customizable calendar features which enable sales budgeting to be set up on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis, or alternatively as a rolling forecast to allow budgeting assumptions to be revisited and updated throughout the year

  • Easily support different budgeting approaches

    Take advantage of Board’s flexibility, choosing between a traditional budgeting approach which takes the previous period’s figures as a baseline for the next one, or more sophisticated methods such as driver-based budgeting and zero-based budgeting

  • Tailor budgeting to your business model

    Exploit inbuilt modeling features, allowing you to adapt the sales budgeting structure to the corporate business model layout whether your company is order-driven or inventory-driven, B2B or B2C, services or product based

  • Lead the process with key drivers

    Use the right key value drivers in a top-down or bottom-up approach, with the ability to propagate changes across multiple dimensions and hierarchies and drill down to the lowest level of detail

Sales Planning Image 3
The screens shows an example of a sales budgeting screen with Board that enables extremely fast assessment of the initial quantity and pricing assumptions
Sales Planning Image 4
The screen shows an example of a Sales Budgeting and Target Management process built with Board
  • Run effective simulations

    Use what-if and what-for analysis, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis to better understand the effect of key value driver changes on your commercial results

  • Easily control performance

    Conduct gap analyses between current data and past data or between actual and target data contained in your sales budget, representing your performance within a multi-dimensional environment and dissecting your results in terms of volume, price, and mix effects

  • Drive collaboration

    Take advantage of the native workflow features, work together on a shared report while interacting in real time through an embedded chat, and create & share your analyses on the fly, facilitating collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the sales budgeting process

Increase accuracy in quota and territory planning

Build up sales budgeting using a quota and territory planning methodology which connects customers, reps, and geographical areas.

  • Support your own methodology

    Create your sales budgeting recipe using customers, reps, quotas, and territories as the main ingredients

  • Optimize quota planning

    Plan a quota for each rep by allocating them a specific customer portfolio, defining the sales target for each existing customer, and estimating the impact of new customer acquisition

  • Build profitable territory planning

    Plan sales objectives for each territory, aggregating the sales targets for new and existing customers. Identify and solve issues in terms of territory coverage by the sales force and overlapping among reps

  • Easily manage target consolidation

    Consolidate each rep’s quota or territory target in order to verify if corporate sales targets are addressed, and dynamically solve misalignments

Sales Planning Image 5
The screen shows an example of a territory planning process built with Board
Sales Planning Image 6
The screen shows an example of a quota planning process built with Board
  • Drive territory and portfolio optimization

    Optimize customer portfolios and sales force territory allocation, taking multiple criteria into consideration such as customers’ potential and size, reps’ capabilities and sales history, and travel time

  • Make change management a breeze

    Easily acknowledge changes within the allocation of sales targets or customers to reps, maintaining alignment between quota and territory planning

  • Ensure integration

    Ensure integration and alignment between quota & territory planning and incentive & compensation management

Improve your sales forecasting

Drive your sales forecasting process with the ability to revise sales budgeting figures in one centralized platform that integrates data from multiple sources, including transactional and legacy systems.

  • Forecast across any time horizon

    Easily implement rolling forecasts and exploit fully customizable calendar features, native within the platform, which enable sales forecasting to be set up on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis

  • Automate integration among budgeting, forecasting, and actual data

    Acknowledge actual figures relative to the proportion of your chosen time horizon which has already elapsed, and respectively generate year-to-go, month-to-go, and week-to-go predictions. Accomplish sales forecasting projections based on actual acquisition figures, updating and amending estimates previously generated by the sales budgeting process

  • Exploit native CRM Integration

    Automatically feed your forecasting process with the CRM data and build the baseline for managerial assessment and subsequent sales projection

  • Enable comprehensive financial integration

    Easily retrieve data from multiple sources such as transactional and legacy systems, acquiring actual data from bookkeeping activities and closing registrations/adjustments from the general accounting process

Sales Planning Image 7
The screen shows how Board's statistical capabilties can be used to improve forecast accuracy
Sales Planning Image 8
The screen shows how Board statistical capabilties can be used to improve forecast accuracy
  • Easily simulate the business impact of your decisions

    Exploit simulation features to better understand the impact of actual data on the feasibility of the figures in the sales budget and effectively calibrate the size of new projections

  • Effectively monitor performance

    Easily conduct variance analyses, measuring the difference between sales forecasting data, actual sales data, and sales budgeting data within a multi-dimensional environment (i.e. channels, customers, geos, business lines, and products) and dissect your results in terms of volume, price, and mix effects

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

Sales Management teams in the sales units now have the chance to lead their employees through effective processes and tools.
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