Plan IT investments, control costs and monitor service levels

In these times of increasing economic uncertainties and disruptive technological evolution, organization is required to quickly adopt new digital business models, without overlooking daily operational efficiency and cost control.

More and more, the IT Department needs to lead the digitalization process across the entire organization, aligning the IT plans with the strategic business goals and keeping control of IT projects’ costs, continuing to ensure a proper service level to the business operations.

However, without a strong alignment to the corporate business strategy, planning IT expenses tends to be considered as linked to mere costs, rather than be connected to critical investments required to create value and ensure the enterprise’s digital future.

By unifying Performance Management, BI and Analytics in a single platform, BOARD will allow you to easily build customized planning and budgeting applications, dashboards, IT scorecards and any analytical solution you need to control IT projects’ costs, drive IT team performance, ensure the delivery of the proper service level and allocate your resources in a more efficient and cost-effective way.



  • Assess IT investments’ impact on the business performance and on the service level
  • Effectively plan and control your IT investments across geographies, business units and subsidiaries and align them to business needs
  • Create effective easy to use IT scorecards
  • Efficiently monitor the right service level to the business
  • Properly manage the correlation between service provisioning and correlated expenses
  • Define and measure IT KPIs and cascade them across the IT organization
  • Shape and share the big picture concerning IT expenditures and investments by enabling a fact-based visibility throughout the enterprise
  • Monitor IT teams performance