Premium Support

Meet your partners in Intelligent Planning success.

From deployment to adoption, from strategic planning to unplanned changes, Board’s expert customer success and support professionals are here to help you make the most of your Intelligent Planning investment. Compare plans below and ask your account executive how a premium support plan can give you the lasting competitive edge (and peace of mind) your enterprise deserves.

 BasicPREMIUM BRONZEPremium SilverPremium Gold
Platform Support 24x7x365    
Priority queuing 
Unlimited case Submissions
First response Time*6 hours3 hours2 hours1 hour
Monitoring & Backups    
Configuration of Use Case monitoring tool  
Advanced logging and alerting   
Gold recovery point objective service   
Quarterly Business / Support reviews  
Product Support Toolkit Training  
Customer Center of Excellence Training and Guidance  
Annual end-user adoption surveys    
Annual application health checks   
Use case Support (Mon - Fri)    
Use case support  Assigned specialistsAssigned specialists
Development advisory guidance  3 hours per month6 hours per month
Use Cases supported **  13
Other Benefits    
Exclusive access / discounts for Customer events  
Preferred eligibility for BEAP (Board Early Adopter Program)    
PriceIncluded in SaaS pricingContact your Board Sales or Key Account Manager for details​

** Use case complexity will be considered

Platform Support 24 X 7 X 365

All Board Customers are eligible for basic software and cloud infrastructure support to enable the usage of core Board functionality . Our Product Support team is available 24x7x365 and addresses issues such as connectivity, access, single sign-on, and other platform related issues. 
This team does not address issues specific to a custom Use Case.

Unlimited case submissions

Board does not limit the number of interactions or case submissions through our Case Portal.

Priority queuing

Cases raised by Customers under a basic agreement are managed on a first come first served basis. 
All cases raised by Customers under a Bronze, Silver or Gold support offering are prioritised over those raised by Customers under basic support. 
Note, severity 1 cases will always be prioritised irrelevant of support package purchased. 

First response time*

The tier of support package dictates the time by which Board guarantees a factual, non-automated response to cases raised by the Customer within the Board Support platform. 

Monitoring & Backups

Configuration of Use Case monitoring tool

Board will assist with the installation of Board's standard Log Management application (database and capsule) designed to provide system usage & user adoption insights. 

Advanced logging and alerting

Board will provide deeper technical insights and alerts, specific to the customer's Use Case.

Gold Recovery Point Objective service

Gold Premium Support customers will benefit from a 4-hour Recovery Point Objective (versus Basic at 24 hours) for all Production instances.


Quarterly Business / Support reviews 

Premium Support customers will be benefit from additional and specific support related metrics and insights for discussion in the Quarterly Business Reviews.

Product Support Toolkit Training

Premium Support Customers are eligible for a 1-hour enablement session each quarter designed to help Customer teams handle the most common Support cases. Unconsumed hours expire at the end of each month. 

Customer Centre of Excellence training and guidance

Premium Support Customers are eligible for a quarterly analysis of the Customer’s CoE organisation to help define the most appropriate next steps.

Annual end-user adoption surveys

Premium Gold Customers are eligible for annual end-user surveys, tailored to the Customer's Use Cases. Surveys provide observations made of the end-user base and result in recommendations of how to improve the overall usability and adoption of the Use Case. 

Use Case Support

Annual health checks

Premium Gold Customers may request an annual health-check delivered by Board’s Premium Support Team members. Health checks can provide multiple insights into the quality and performance of a Use Case.

Use Case support

Use Case support provides support for Customer's unique custom build(s). This service is delivered by Board’s Premium Support team members possessing an understanding of how the Customer's Use Case has been designed to meet their specific requirements within the Board platform. 
Premium Support resources will be available Monday through Friday during standard business hours. Board will make commercially reasonable efforts to assign a Premium Support resource in the customer’s region (EMEA, APAC, ANZ or North America).
Although a Premium Support resource is assigned to a customer, the customer should initiate all requests for assistance through the standard support case submission process at

Development advisory guidance sessions

Advisory service developed to support Customers on their journey in becoming more self-sufficient with the Board platform. Customers may request specific product training, discover development best practices or to better understand how to model specific processes using Board's standard functionality. Unconsumed hours expire at the end of each month.

Other Benefits

Exclusive access/ discounts for Customer events

Eligible Customers can benefit from exclusive offers at Board events. These can include VIP access and discounts to Board Customer events. Offers are dependent to specific events. 

Preferred eligibility for BEAP (Board’s early adopter program)

Premium Support Customers may receive preferred eligibility to participate in Board's BEAP programme. Eligibility is determined by the relevancy of new features and functionality to the Customer's Use Cases.