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Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. selects Board for Business Intelligence and Performance Management

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 - BOSTON, Mass., USA

Board International, today announced that Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS), sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, has selected the Board Platform for its combined Performance Management budgeting, Forecasting and Business Intelligence reporting.

Board International, the world’s leading supplier of decision-making software for enterprises, today announced that Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS), sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, has selected the Board Platform for its combined Performance Management Budgeting, Forecasting and Business Intelligence Reporting.

JPS chose the Board Platform after an extensive search that included a broad range of BI and CPM vendors to provide the company with the broadest possible integrated Strategy, Planning, budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management functionality on a single platform. The company is implementing the Board Platform in place of hundreds of separate unwieldy spreadsheets from its departments that had handicapped JPS’ ability to quickly and accurately track and improve its business. 

JPS intends to leverage the potential of Board in an extensive way to significantly improve the Strategy Management function at JPS. The Business Intelligence capability will improve performance monitoring, analysis, management and reporting at the corporate and business unit level. It will also facilitate team and individual performance monitoring, recognition and incentives. In respect to Corporate Performance Management functionality, JPS anticipates Improved Planning and Budgeting, including :

  • More integrated planning and budgeting
  • More efficient process and more optimal allocation of resources


According to Aldington-Dean Smith, Director, Strategy Management at JPS, the company discovered that without a single unified system for Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, their department managers found they were working in siloes, and were not able to give executives the consistent and accurate reports that they needed to make important decisions on a timely basis.   Attempting to consolidate and rationalize many spreadsheets proved to be costly in terms of wasted time and inaccuracies, and as business requirements increased, the process would not scale, but only got worse, added Smith. 

In the selection process, JPS found the unified architecture of the Board Platform to be its most attractive feature. Specifically, Smith said they were particularly impressed with Board’s ability to combine performance management, predictive analytics and reporting all in a single architecture, accurately drawing data from a single database. JPS plans to deploy the Board Platform with BI and analytical applications developed on it within its Strategy Management unit and its operational departments, starting first with reporting, then expanding to performance management and predictive analytics.


About Jamaica Public Services Company Ltd :

Jamaica Public Services Company Ltd. (JPS) is an integrated electric utility company and the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica.  The company is engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, and also purchases power from five independent power producers. JPS currently has just over 600,000 customers who are served by a workforce of 1,704 employees.  The company owns and operates four power stations, nine hydroelectric plants, 43 substations, and approximately 14,000 kilometers of distribution and transmission lines.

Along with the provision of electricity, JPS is a key partner in Jamaican national development. The company has a vibrant corporate social responsibility portfolio and makes significant contributions in the areas of education, health and sports. The company also has a strong environmental focus and carries out its operations in an environmentally friendly manner.


About Board International :

Board is the #1 decision-making platform for organizations of any size. Founded in 1994, Board International has enabled more than 3,000 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Predictive Analytics applications on a single unified and programming-free platform. The Board platform allows companies to achieve a single, accurate and complete view of business information that enables full control of performance across the entire organization, from strategic formulation down to operational execution. Headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, and Boston, MA, USA, Board International has 21 offices around the world and a global reseller network.