Board for Merchandise Financial Planning

Protect margins and fuel expansion with a faster, more intelligent MFP process

Retailers are facing a perfect storm of market conditions; evolving consumer spending patterns, a changing high street, and e-tailers taking center stage make it more difficult to protect margins and fuel expansion. Turning this threat into an opportunity requires smarter, faster planning, but many retailers struggle to achieve this as spreadsheet-based processes do not provide the data accuracy, depth, or clarity needed to effectively analyze, forecast, and plan. 

This is where Board comes in. Board is an intelligent Planning Platform combining Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy, Range and Assortment Planning, and Allocation & Replenishment. It is a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for smart, agile retailers that want to tackle all planning and analytics needs at a fraction of the time and cost they would spend elsewhere.

Board covers all Merchandise Financial Planning requirements in one platform by integrating all the financial and operational data and introducing, for the first time, the possibility for users to cascade financial goals from the enterprise level down to store and SKUs.


Download this flyer to learn how Board enables retailers to: 

  • Manage Merchandise Planning for all channels in a single, integrated solution
  • Link strategic objectives and investments to merchandising strategy
  • Increase profitability through improved stock turn, lower average inventory, increased mark-ups, and more