Supply chain

Supply Chain Control Tower: improving visibility, control and decision‑making

Board brings full visibility of the entire supply chain, delivering insights on performance drivers and monitoring effectiveness throughout every process.

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Supply Chain Control Tower Image 1
An overview dashboard for the Sales and Operations planning process built in Board

What is a Supply Chain Control Tower?

A Supply Chain Control Tower is a centralized platform that collects data from key business metrics and events, providing deeper end-to-end (E2E) visibility across the entire supply chain. As an Intelligent Planning Platform, Board provides real-time data that helps identify critical issues within the supply chain, enabling action and corrective measures.

Board's Key Capabilities

Transparency and visibility

Gain full visibility of the entire corporate supply chain and orchestrate all operations from the door of supplier to the door of customer.

Full, end-to-end integration

Enhance horizontal integration across all corporate supply chain processes such as sourcing, production, warehousing, and distribution & logistics as well as vertical integration from analysis to planning and execution.

Cross-functional collaboration

Create an open hub where internal actors and external stakeholders such as suppliers, contract manufacturers, transportation carriers, and logistics players are connected and can share valuable information.

Response to Threat Planning

Plan for unexpected events across the supply chain and partner ecosystem, identifying the impact of potential disruptions and prescribing preventative actions.

Misalignment detection

Take advantage of an environment where each weak signal, exception, or discrepancy is detected and its impact on supply chain processes and targets is accurately measured.

Advanced simulation

Accomplish scenario and what-if analysis for different resolutions, options, and alternatives, committing to the one that best mitigates the impact on supply chain efficiency.

Supply Chain Control Tower Image 2
A full interactive representation of the S&OP process built in Board.

The supply chain control tower: driving end-to-end S&OP execution, orchestration, and visibility

Board supports the entire company cycle, from production to sales and delivery, providing management with constant access not just to the necessary data, but also to precise information on the data and its correlation with decisions made beforehand.
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Supply Chain Control Tower

Drive visibility, monitoring & control, and proactivity along the entire corporate supply chain with an integrated approach.

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