Drive visibility on the execution side of sales and marketing

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with CRM integration that creates complete transparency

Use Board’s Intelligent Planning Platform to enhance your sales performance management effectiveness by seamlessly integrating the information coming from your corporate CRM and other legacy systems within your sales monitoring, planning, and forecasting process.

CRM Integration Image 1
The screen shows an example of a market analysis dashboard built with Board

Easily integrate CRM data into the Sales Performance Management process

Take advantage of CRM integration to increase visibility of the lead journey, customer behavior, and customer sales history.

CRM Integration Image 2
The screen shows the integration of CRM data from Salesforce into Board
  • Use historical sales insights to enhance future plans and analyses

    Save a historical version of your data to conduct in-depth analysis on the evolution of your pipeline, forecasts, and commit across different time periods. Use those historical perspectives to benchmark past forecasts with achieved results, improving future predictions and offering full transparency on the quality of your predictions

  • Foster sales planning efficacy

    Take advantage of Board’s integration with operational CRM and SFA systems to acknowledge marketing and sales funnel information and retrieve detailed data relative to marketing and sales qualified leads

  • Build in-depth customer profiles to better understand your market

    Exploit integration with CRM analytics to collect all stored information relative to customers in terms of personal attributes, business attributes, needs, preferences, and behavior, enhancing sales performance management effectiveness

  • Use historical sales insights to enhance future plans

    Integration with SFA systems highlights the sales history for each customer, fostering sales planning efficacy

  • Merge CRM data with information from other systems

    Bring together data from disparate systems — such as ERP, Supply Chain, HR, or other legacy applications — to build a unified view of your customers and increase the efficiency of your sales process

  • Take advantage of bi-directional CRM integration

    Don’t limit your CRM integration to data: use Board’s native mash-up and drill-through capability to seamlessly navigate from sales analysis and planning insight down to CRM objects (Accounts, Leads, Opps), easily moving from a high level sales perspective down to the lowest operational detail

CRM Integration Image 3
The screen shows how the Sales & Marketing funnel can be represented in Board, enabling historical analysis
CRM Integration Image 4

Automation of the finance function

To produce more accurate sales, marketing, and service forecasts, Laerdal uses Board to integrate Salesforce CRM data with other data sources from across the organization.

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