Planning and Analytics for Sales

Board offers all functionality needed for sophisticated sales analytics, sales forecasting and sales planning: self-service data discovery allows Sales Staff to carry out multidimensional analyses for single or several regions, channels or products or on the aggregate level. Geo-Analyses with Board’s mapping tool underline the impact of results. Users can improve targeting through the segmentation of customers and prospects, monitor leads, control their pipeline and optimize conversion rates.

Integrated with this vast analytical functionality, Board offers also easy to use budgeting and planning tools that include interactive workflows with audit trail, versioning, scenarios and approval status processes.

Sales Applications implemented with Board include:

Sales Reports and Dashboards

Thanks to Board’s Self-service user interface, business users are truly independent. They can independently explore data, save data aware objects in their personal Dashboard and modify the objects according to their particular interests. Creating new dashboards from scratch is easier than ever: by simply dragging and dropping objects like tables, graphs, maps or cockpits on the blank canvas and filling them with data in a few clicks, users create personal exploration environments. Board’s advanced search function allows them to look into data, metadata and applications.

Sales professionals can examine their results on an aggregate level or drill down to the product line or the single product, carry out analyses by region or channel. With a click, the reports can be exported to multiple formats: Excel, XML, HTML, and CSV.

Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning

BEAM (Board Enterprise Predictive Analytics) is the new module that seamlessly integrates Advanced and Predictive Analytics into the Board platform.

Thanks to BEAM capabilities you will be able to deliver accurate, dynamic, and data-driven forecasts through actionable insights provided by a constant stream of data from Salesforce and other systems. Moreover you will be able to improve customer service, lower costs, and free up working capital with real-time demand and supply chain planning.

Your forecasts won’t be built only on the basis of the company’s own data. Instead also external factors and assumptions like for example macro-economic situation or weather conditions will be taken into account to estimate their impact on Sales Quantities, Profitability and overall results. With these valuable insights, measures can be developed to optimize results in the future.

Sales Budgeting & Planning

Board integrates Business Intelligence tools seamlessly with Corporate Performance Management functionality. This way, current or past results can be easily used as the foundation for planning and budgeting the next sales cycle. Decision makers are free to determine the algorithm for expected growth and can manually administer exceptions from the expected trend.

Board budgeting workflows offer to-down and bottom-up elements for a truly interactive process between sales people and managers. They achieve a new budget quickly and easily – without the need to work with huge and error-prone - spreadsheets.