On-demand Webinar

Intelligent Planning for the Office of Finance – 30 minute demo


Watch this 30-minute demo and learn how Board can help you in continuous planning, cross-functional engagement, and real-time analytics to bring structure, collaboration, and accuracy in your financial planning & analysis process.

Join Senior Solutions Architect Nigel Ephraums, as he demonstrates why Board is the only technology capable of combining a fully integrated business planning approach with workflow and collaboration capabilities, to perform a continuous planning cycle with:

  • Estimating impacts on your budgeting, planning, forecasting, and financial consolidation from various business scenarios within minutes
  • Using a single, integrated business decision-making platform for all your financial planning needs. E.g., S&OP, Capex, headcount, inventory, multi-currency, and sales
  • Using drag and drop features to slice and dice data and view the financial analysis in seconds
  • Publish variations of what-if analysis or scenarios using an inbuilt predictive algorithm to forecast based on historical financial trends
  • Dynamic recalculation of data analysis and impact on certain variables within the interactive management report/dashboard
  • Create workflows and security settings to ensure data access and visibility is maintained only by the right team or department