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Best Practice Mortgage Scenario Modelling

Join KPMG & Board at this on demand webinar hosted by UK Finance


The last two years have seen an unprecedented and often unexpected impact on the mortgage market. The latest consensus is that we are expected to return to pre-pandemic norms, but despite this we are faced with expected increases in interest rates and the still very real risk of mortgage arrears and defaults.

Predicting the future is impossible, however a safe guard for this is introducing agile scenario modelling which can provide long-term strategic business planning assistance by analysing the impact of changes in KPIs such as mortgage volumes, interest rate and ECL on the your net profitability and growth, particularly in an environment with rising interest rates. It has become ever more apparent that having the ability to create and compare scenarios will enable firms to respond to changing market conditions in an efficient and agile manner and allow them to better understand the consequences on the profitability, liquidity and capital.

Our speakers will discuss the challenges of the past 2 years in the mortgage market, future predictions and how mortgage providers can equip themselves for whatever uncertainty lies ahead.

Board is an associate member of UK Finance, read the press release here.


  • Best Practice Mortgage Scenario Modelling Image 1
    Simon Hills, Director, Prudential Policy, UK Finance
  • Best Practice Mortgage Scenario Modelling Image 2
    Neil Shah, Head of Financial Services, Board
  • Best Practice Mortgage Scenario Modelling Image 3
    Givarn Ramsundar, Senior Manager, Finance Transformation Consulting – Financial Services, KPMG
  • Best Practice Mortgage Scenario Modelling Image 4
    Zsolt Jaczko, Head of Retail IRB Modelling, Nationwide Building Society