RWE Generation SE Chooses Board Intelligent Planning to Transform its Financial Processes

Friday, 03 May 2024 - Boston, Massachusetts

Board unifies previously separate financial processes, providing RWE Generation greater detail and transparency

Board International, a global leader in Intelligent Planning solutions, today announced that RWE Generation, a German multinational energy company, has chosen Board to transform its financial planning. With Board’s integrated platform, RWE Generation can manage its financial and operational planning more closely and seamlessly. 

RWE Generation opted for Board following an intensive selection process. Board enables the office of finance to automate financial consolidation and reporting activities, enabling faster and better decision-making. The benefits of using Board are greater accuracy in data collection and analysis, better collaboration between finance users, and fewer resources required to complete monthly reporting cycles. 

“With a no-code approach, an agile and easy-to-use interface, and built-in reporting and analytics, the Board Intelligent Planning Platform enables our finance teams to get their consolidation process up and running with minimal effort, saving precious time that can instead be spent on value-added activities,” said Dr. Jörg Schumann, Finance Director at RWE Generation. 

RWE Generation’s finance division has created its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and is continuously working on further application design upgrades. Also, the Biomass division will also shortly launch its MVP, which will act as the blueprint for rolling out Board to other operational business units. 

“We are delighted to welcome RWE Generation, another heavyweight in the energy sector, as our customer,” said Ansgar Eickeler, Area General Manager DACH at Board. “In today’s globalized marketplace, companies often deal with many subsidiaries, divisions, and business units operating in diverse locations and using various currencies. Our Intelligent Planning Platform helps global leaders gain better organizational visibility and a comprehensive understanding of their financial health to facilitate more effective decision-making.”

About RWE Generation SE

RWE Generation SE is responsible for power generation based on gas, hard coal, hydropower and biomass within the RWE Group. Its approximately 3,000 employees operate power plants in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Turkey. With its flexible, efficient power plant fleet, RWE Generation is bridging the gap to the new age of renewables. RWE Generation is the number two company in the European gas sector. This is an excellent starting point – since gas is becoming more and more important as the bridge between the old energy world and the new age of renewables. RWE Generation’s hydrogen activities also play an important role in this context, because hydrogen is considered the energy source of the future. In the Netherlands in particular, the company is focusing on biomass by converting two hard-coal power plants to this carbon-neutral energy source. RWE Generation is also represented in many core markets with hydropower plants.

By converting its power plants and successfully developing new storage technologies, RWE Generation is making a key contribution to the ambitious goal of RWE as a whole – to be carbon-neutral by 2040.


About Board

Board Intelligent Planning solutions help over 2,000 organizations worldwide plan smarter, enable actionable insights, and achieve better outcomes. Industry leaders trust Board to unify strategy, finance, and operations through more integrated and intelligent planning, and achieve full control of performance. Partnering with Board, global companies such as H&M, BASF, Burberry, Toyota, Coca-Cola, KPMG, and HSBC have successfully digitally transformed planning processes to build a competitive edge. 

Founded in 1994, and now with 25 offices worldwide, Board is recognized by leading analysts including BARC, Gartner, and IDC.


Board Contact:

Victoire Depoix
VP Global Communications