Board is now a member of UK Finance

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Board is delighted to announce that we have formally partnered with UK Finance. UK Finance acts as the collective voice for the banking and finance industry representing over 260 financial institutions and 17,000 members.

UK Finance works with its members to promote innovation across the banking and finance sector and aims to improve the safety and transparency of the industry.

As the #1 decision-making platform in the industry, Board is actively helping UK Finance members to address challenges currently facing the financial services sector - from consolidated financial reporting, IFRS16 compliance, streamlined FP&A and budgeting through to ICAAP/ILAAP compliance.

“UK Finance is a perfect partner for Board,” says James Gannaway, Financial Services Lead of Board UK. “By working in partnership with UK Finance, Board can help the UK financial services sector prepare for some of the biggest challenges ever facing the industry, from Brexit to climate change through to increasing regulatory compliance and the growing pressure to maintain shareholder confidence.” 

Jason Cole, Commercial Director at UK Finance agrees: “I would like to thank Board for committing to working with UK Finance, the support and patronage of associate members is hugely important to UK Finance. Engaging associate members for their insight and support is essential to who we are and what we do.”

Board is looking forward to working with UK Finance to address the challenges that are most affecting the banking and finance industry.