Driving Manufacturing Efficiency with Integrated Business Planning

Balancing supply and demand is an ongoing challenge for manufacturers. The continuous combination of monitoring, analysis, reporting, and planning activities required to do this are often conducted in silos across different production lines, sales organizations, and departments, leading to repetitive processes, a lack of performance transparency, and the risk of missed opportunities for improvements in efficiency. 
Join this webinar to find out how Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is being utilized by leading manufacturing organizations to drive profitability by unifying planning activities across the business. 
Learn how Board’s IBP solution:
Drives business-wide transparency of performance from design to delivery
Creates alignment between strategic, financial, and operational goals
Allows executives to make decisions quickly and accurately by enabling simulations and analysis of alternative strategies and scenarios   
Fosters collaborative working and accountability over results
Frees up resources by automating manual processes 
Replaces all the disparate Excel files in the organization 
Empowers strategic business partnering
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