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Digital Office of Finance - Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Improve Forecast Accuracy and Performance with IBP

Nowadays, planning, forecasting, and business intelligence applications need to be perfectly connected and integrated to help management’s plans link with downstream execution.

With conventional approaches to planning, the varoius tools in place across a business are often unintegrated; this may lead to a long list of business planning challenges and companies failing to measure and manage performance at the basic unit level through to metrics other than money.


This research explains how Integrated Business Planning (IBP) addresses the myriad problems associated with conventional business planning, helping today’s CFO to: 

  • Bring financial resources, organizational vision, business knowledge and financial acumen together at the same table
  • Predict and respond positively to changing conditions, in plenty of time
  • Have a much better understanding of how their operational plans drive their financial results.


Download the E-book and discover how the blend between IBP and technology advances have changed Financial Planning and Analysis.