Global Planning Survey '24

See where your business stands—and how to position it for growth in the year ahead.

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Organizations today are constantly required to adapt to change. Many are actively enhancing how they approach planning, but are they prioritizing effective and long-lasting transformation that adds essential agility and resilience?

The Global Planning Survey '24 sheds light on the current landscape and the challenges businesses face.

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of businesses are actively working towards long-term goals, but many lack the tools and strategies to fully realize them.


of businesses still rely on critical data stored in spreadsheets to guide their planning.


of companies have mastered the art of continuous planning.

Discover key insights you can use to:

Benchmark your planning

See how your practices stack up against industry leaders.

Identify growth areas

Get strategies to optimize your planning approach.

Embrace agile planning

Start reacting to market changes at the speed of business.

Leverage continuous planning

Adopt the 'gold standard' of planning models to gain a competitive edge.

"We sought to give leaders and innovators the information they needed to act with confidence and pursue strategic goals. The data story reveals progress to date, what comes next, and—importantly—who among us is ahead of the curve."
Jeff Casale
Chief Executive Officer

Here's what you'll learn.

The state of planning in 2024

Are companies prioritizing planning effectively?

The agile planning gap

What separates industry leaders from the crowd?

Moving beyond static spreadsheets

See why traditional tools are holding your business back.

The future of planning with AI

Discover how AI can help build a more resilient future.

Check out these report highlights.

Business Planning is fraught with challenges

Susceptibility to human error
Compromised data security
Managing increased volumes of data
Poor collaboration
Limited data visualizations

Respondents see the benefits of AI-assisted planning


say it will improve how senior decision makers access and understand planning scenarios presented to them.


say it will help facilitate more effective business planning.


say it will lead to improved scenario planning and modelling.

The race to ESG compliance is underway

  • My organization is not on track to meet the requirements.
  • My organization is on track to meet the requirements.
  • My organization plans to exceed mandatory reporting requirements.
  • N/A I am not involved in this/have no visibility.
  • N/A My organization does not need to comply with CSRD.