Gain complete control of financial performance management

Produce comprehensive performance analysis and simulate the impact of your decisions and external changes on your future results

Board's Intelligent Planning Platform collates and consolidates data from sources across the business into a single enterprise performance management software environment, providing an accurate foundation for the entire performance management process.

Performance Management Image 1
Sample of Financial Performance Management dashboard built with Board

Performance management software for modern enterprises

Automatically bring all your disparate data together for analysis and simulation, helping you to effectively manage financial and operational performance in a single solution.

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The screen shows an example of Strategic Goals Analysis Application built with Board
  • Quickly translate company goals into departmental objectives

    Cascade your strategy down into team and individual objectives, ensuring the entire organization is working towards the same goal

  • Perform gap analyses with ease

    Exploit native platform capabilities to generate time horizon entities, performing gap analyses on actual and projected data (i.e. budget or revised budget) using any combination of current or past time points or periods, relative to:

    • Profitability measures (i.e. gross profit, operating income, and cash flow)
    • Relevant key value drivers (i.e. number of customers, number of employees, and number of plants)
  • Understand what is driving performance

    Accomplish gap analysis along business dimensions such as legal entities, consolidation perimeters, business units, markets, geographical areas, product families, customer types, and channels

  • Gain business-wide transparency

    Identify units, price x unit, and cost x unit across business dimensions such as legal entity, consolidation perimeter, business unit, market, geographical area, product family, customer type, and channel in order to calculate volume effect, price effect, cost effect, and various mix effects at both a corporate and specific dimension level

  • Easily create like-for-like comparisons

    Adjust performance results through like-for-like calculations, sterilizing bias brought by M&A impacts, the introduction or disposal of new products, or POS and seasonal effects

  • Better understand the effect of key value drivers on your results

    Exploit native simulation features such as What-If analysis, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis to simulate changes and the resulting impact

Performance Management Image 3
The screen shows an example of Financial Analysis Application built with Board
Performance Management Image 4

Unified reporting and performance management

Providing a completely integrated reporting foundation with performance management capabilities, Board has enabled KPMG Germany to become increasingly responsive to market changes. Decisions can be made more easily thanks to the ability to access and analyze financial data faster and more flexibly than ever before.

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