Retail planning, analysis, and forecasting from BOARD
13 December 2018
By Fabio Lovesio, Head of Retail Industry, BOARD International

In an increasingly tough retail environment, only those who report and plan effectively will survive. So what should retailers be considering in order to prepare themselves for 2019 and beyond? In a nutshell, taking a more unified approach to making business decisions. In this blog, we explore just how they can go about achieving this. 

04 December 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International

Managing large-scale manufacturing and distribution activities is challenging and complex, and who else would know this better than Santa, the master of global operations. Let us take a look behind the scenes to find out just how Santa manages to do it through the use of a unified Decision-Making Platform.

Construction wall with planning, simulation, and analytics foundations
27 November 2018
By Andrew Rae, Construction, Commercial Property and Manufacturing Industry Manager UK

The Construction sector is no stranger to competition; bidding on potential projects part and parcel of daily activity. But if competing firms’ core competencies are the same (i.e. the same staff skill levels, the same access to sub-contractors, the same experience), how can Construction firms ensure they’re able to stand out from the crowd, win more work and deliver the most cost-effective projects? Andrew Rae explores why the Decision-Making Platform is coming into its own for Construction companies.

Zero-Based Budgeting with BOARD
15 November 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International

The concept of Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) isn’t new, but many firms have yet to adopt it effectively. In this blog we take a look at the benefits of a ZBB approach and provide some top tips for a successful implementation.

06 November 2018
By Anthony Kikkert, Business Management Consultant

With the IFRS financial reporting deadline looming, we explore why companies should take a strategic approach rather than applying a quick fix.

30 October 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International
Planning plays a key role in every organization, but all too often the process becomes incredibly time-consuming and is subject to change based on new information that was originally omitted or missing, resulting in a plan which delivers less return than the effort invested. We explore Ventana's latest research, which considers why a ‘predictive planning’ approach can maximize the effectiveness of the planning process to deliver a better return on the effort invested.
Digital Finance Transformation
23 October 2018
By Daniel Phillips, Digital Content Manager, BOARD International

If finance teams work manually round the clock to meet financial reporting deadlines, how will management teams ever see the need for a new approach? FSN's 2018 Innovation in Financial Reporting survey explores this idea and considers how companies can start the process of finance transformation. 

16 October 2018
By Danielle Felder, Senior Social Media and Content Manager for IT Central Station

Over the last few months, the IT Central Station team gathered user reviews for BOARD with one goal: to find out what they really had to say about their experience with this leading business performance management solution. 

Best Practices in FP&A
09 October 2018
By Lawrence Serven, Regional Sales Director, The Americas, BOARD International

Summarizing our best practice FP&A blog series, we look at how to conduct Financial Planning and Analysis effectively based on what leading organizations are doing.

18 September 2018
By Andrea Alfieri, Head of Marketing

In this blog, we explore how a driver-based planning approach can create synergy between Finance and Operations departments. We also examine a real-life example of how one of the world’s leading brands - Coca-Cola - has undergone a Supply Chain Finance transformation initiative, supported by a driver-based planning approach.