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Perfect parnership between operations and finance at Delos Power

Thanks to Board, we have achieved fast and smart synergy between Management Control and the Operations Area, giving us higher-quality information, secure validation of information, and consistent data throughout the organization. We are also minimizing the use of spreadsheets and considerably reducing the margin of error

Massimo Travella

General Manager

00:00:19Delos is a group composed of two holding companies: Delos Power and Delos Power 2, resulting from a partnership between Renam, a specialized asset management company operating in the renewable energy plant sector, and Tages Capital SGR, a management company that set up two funds: Tages Helios and Tages Helios II, both of which invest in solar power plants.

00:00:46As the title of the customer story says, the overarching theme is unification, i.e. integrating the various management control areas with reporting, planning, plant management, and financial consolidation.

00:01:05The first area we addressed and developed was the BI (Business Intelligence) management control, where we created a portal designed to function as a control hub for basic routine operations; a data repository where all information flows to, breaking data down into sub-categories as an output. This checks the data and creates the information baseline.

00:01:36 Planning and Reporting with Board. How to combine Performance Management and BI

00:01:43We then went on to build the planning aspect. Why planning? Because the budget we looked at earlier in the cost control and control of reporting units is the budget from another area. We have a settings section and we made a sub-screen for each reporting area. A screen for revenues, a screen for costs, and an executive summary area.

00:02:10Rather than being a separate entity, the entire budget is shown in real-time in the BI, as part of the management control phase, which brings us back to the subject of unification.

00:02:29 A Control Tower for 157 plants. Finance and Operations in a single interactive environment

00:02:36The penultimate aspect to be implemented relates to plant monitoring activities. Why plant monitoring? Plant monitoring generates all of our revenue, so it is a key aspect. We use a proprietary monitoring system that gathers a vast amount of data from a huge number of different components. If I recall correctly, this is around 500 meters, 2,000 inverters, and 5,000 photovoltaic field panels all collecting the widest possible range of information. To give you an idea it's around 7 billion records! Board sources the information it needs directly from the monitoring system, to avoid any errors. There is of course constant communication among all players in the operation. So what was our goal? The aim was to implement production monitoring for both generated MWh/hour and revenues.

00:03:42Financial closing and consolidation using the same planning and analytics platform The last part is the consolidation section, which is a packet preconfigured by Board and perhaps our star player - making it possible to generate consolidated reports for single portfolios or sub holdings as an additional tier. In fact, we have four levels of consolidated reporting. So that completes everything. All this data is interconnected within a single environment, which means it can be easily correlated.