On-demand Webinar

Microsoft & Board: Using intelligence to drive resilient Supply Chain Planning

Ensuring your Supply Chain plans remain resilient in the face of uncertainty


Supply Chains are facing unprecedented volatility and leaders are asking how they can ensure their supply chains are still operational in a month, a week or even from day to day.

Supply Chain leaders need now, more than ever, robust, resilient and adaptable plans to allow them to meet the challenges they are facing. To do this, Supply Chain leaders need complete visibility and flexibility of their plans and the scenarios that affect them.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Jesse Alleyne, US Manufacturing Industry Director, Microsoft, where we discussed:

  • How supply chain leaders are managing a combination of variability and uncertainty
  • The need for Supply Chain planning processes to be integrated
  • How Supply Chains can drive innovation and change in the wider business
  • The challenge of achieving resilience and how Intelligent Planning helps achieve this