On-demand Webinar

The Evolution of Constraint Based Planning at HSBC


The need for collaborative, agile, real time, integrated planning and scenario modelling in the financial services industry is paramount. This was reaffirmed during this webinar where an audience poll cited linking top down strategic planning to bottom up granular plans as the biggest challenge.

The role of the finance leader is evolving. Now is the time for finance leaders across banking and financial services to back their own transformational capabilities and take on a more strategic and valuable role.  

During this 60 minute webinar you will hear the HSBC case study, including how Board is supporting the evolution of its strategic planning process named ‘constraint based planning’. Rupert Kennedy-Alexander, Managing Director and Global Head of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Insight shares:

  • Why constraint based planning is important in a highly regulated market
  • How HSBC are creating a model that empowers its finance team to do their jobs better
  • Insight into the process and solution that guides management decision-making which dynamically optimizes the bank
  • Forward looking plans and lessons learned, including building the business case for new technology adoption, roll out and culture

In addition to the case study by HSBC, Neil Shah shares insight into the findings from a recent Board survey of over 100 finance leaders across the financial services industry.

Board is an associate member of UK Finance. The live webinar was originally hosted by UK Finance on the 9th of November 2021.