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Discover Board Group Consolidation and Reporting

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We recently launched Group Consolidation and Reporting (GCR), our all-new financial consolidation solution that leverages Board’s latest technology to simplify monthly cycles, enable more confident reporting, and ensure full regulatory compliance.

Here's what to expect from the new GCR solution:

  •  Higher control and audibility through new end-to-end workflow and audit trails.
  •  Full finance ownership thanks to quick-start configuration wizards, an improved user interface, and pre-built content.
  •  Revolutionary performance that delivers consolidation cycles up to 8 times faster than Board Financial Consolidation.
  •  Simplified migration that helps you adopt Group Consolidation and Reporting with minimal effort.

Watch this exclusive 25 minutes customer webinar to see Board GCR in action and learn about its features, benefits, and the transformational impact it can have on your financial processes. The webinar will give you a good first overview. You are more than welcome to request a personal demo on top of that. Please get in touch with your Board contact to arrange it.

This webinar is for Board customers only.