Streamline your entire financial close process

Automate and accelerate your reconciliation, adjustment, and closing activities with Board

Sample of Financial Consolidation home screen
The screen shows an example of the Home screen dashboard overview dashboard

Perform your entire financial close in a single platform

Closing the books is still a time-consuming, manual activity for many finance teams, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Board drives digital transformation across the financial close process, automatically reconciling, consolidating, and reporting on financial information from every business entity, freeing finance teams up to focus on other priorities.

Create more time to focus on strategic activities
Improve the quality of financial information
Cut departmental costs by reducing the time spent closing
Drive consistency and control across the process
  • Make reconciliations a breeze

    Perform periodical reconciliations of subledgers such as cash accounts, bank accounts, accounts receivables, accounts payables, personnel debits/credits, and taxation debits/credits against internal and external reports and records

  • Easily manage adjustments and cut off registrations

    Produce estimates aimed at quantifying accruals, currency adjustments, and invoices to be received/issued. Accomplish cut off registrations with regard to inventory valuation, fixed asset dynamics, and various provisioning schemes

  • Quickly generate your final trial balance

    Once all reconciliations, adjustments, and cut off registrations are posted, generate a final trial balance

Sample of Reconciliation I/C screen
The screen shows an example of the I/C Reconciliation application built with Board
Sample of Task Monitor screen
The screen shows an example of the Overall Task Monitor dashboard built with Board
  • Speed up the entire closing process

    After producing corporate financial statements for the period, close the books for the period by posting a final general journal entry (“closing entry”) and generating a post-closing trial balance

  • Gain greater understanding with in-depth analyses

    Empower your investigation of unmatching accounts, pending adjustments, and unsubmitted trial balances with a few clicks and seamless insight

  • Ensure compliance

    Achieve control of the entire process with workflow controls and ensure compliance with full audit trails (i.e. internal control system and SOX)

A complete range of financial close capabilities

Everything you need to rapidly close the books in a single, user-friendly platform

Ensure validity and consistency in the company's charts of accounts

Complete journal entries

Consolidate data from outlying business units

Run trial balances

Detect and correct errors

Reconcile and analyze accounts

Calculate taxes

Prepare and distribute reports

Supervise closing tasks and review key accounts & reports

Streamlining the financial close process at leading organizations

Easy financial closing and reporting

Board has allowed us to consolidate our information into a single, integrated solution and displace multiple systems.
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Intelligent Planning at Mitsubishi Electric
Streamlining of data reconciliation and reporting from two weeks to 25 minutes
Unified S&OP, Cost Planning, and Sales Analysis at Syngenta
Normalization of business-wide data in a single process
Intelligent Planning at Brenntag
One, accurate view of KPIs and financial results
Get practical advice for the financial close process