Maximizing the value of FP&A through xP&A

It’s time to look beyond pure financial data

In today’s turbulent markets, many organizations are realizing they must drive serious digital transformation to remain more agile and robust. For the Office of Finance, this endeavor involves looking beyond purely financial data in an approach referred to as xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis).

With xP&A, key principles from FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) are extended beyond the finance function to incorporate critical operational data into the process. In doing so, businesses benefit from greater transparency, alignment, and accountability for the actions of each department - which all ties back to the financial implications of undertaking them.

This eBook explores the challenges of traditional planning and the benefits of extending its principles outside the finance domain with xP&A. Download to learn more about:

  • The limitations of traditional planning processes, which are often deeply rooted in the Office of Finance
  • Why xP&A is a natural evolution of FP&A
  • How to begin this transformative journey
  • Why businesses should seriously be looking at xP&A today.