Eliminate Your Operational 'Black Holes'

Want to Eliminate Your Operational 'Black Holes'? Stop Doing, Start Analysing!

'Black holes' are a common Supply Chain problem, caused by disjointed systems and a lack of visibility into data, processes and workflows. In today's fast-paced, consumer-driven landscape, not being able to fully realise and utilise the data available can mean the difference between gaining market share and losing it.

Anyone working within the planning, sourcing and making process will be familiar with the huge volume of data being generated – a situation that is compounded by the number of organisations continuing to operate inside fragmented, isolated silos, with employees booking in materials or dispatching finished goods without a clear understanding of how they arrived or what happens to them once they leave.

In this article, Andy Noyce, FMCG Lead at Board, explains how organisations can eliminate their operational black holes and move towards a smarter, faster and more efficient way of working.