AFP - Definitive Guide to Financial Modeling and Model Supervision

Look for agile models to provide strategic insight and adapt to rapidly shifting finance landscape

So how important are financial modeling skills? Given the dollar exposures represented by your company’s models and their recurring use for financial reporting, performance analysis, capital planning and budgeting, as well as M&A and regulatory requirements, the answer is obvious!

The guide explains the basis for a coordinated, corporate-wide financial modeling program that can lower operational costs and increase effectiveness through the following benefits:

  • Prioritize models based on risk exposure

  • Build agility into models

  • Improve your modeling process

All the more reason to be on top of your game when you go to model, which is why you deserve the AFP Guide to Financial Modeling and Model Supervision!


Penned by accomplished financial analyst Rob Trippe and edited by Bryan Lapidus, AFP’s Director of FP&A, the Guide, underwritten by Board International, will improve your modeling processes and help build ‘agility’ into your models.