The Very Group

Merchandise planning transformation at The Very Group

Enhancing planning decision-making across 2,000+ brands with a flexible, efficient planning solution.

The Very Group, a major UK retailer and financial services provider, faced volatile demand and supply chain challenges due to the pandemic. Lacking integrated planning, they sought a partnership with Board to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and consistent results. With Board's help, they transformed their planning approach, achieving faster data insights and standardized frameworks. Now more efficient and adaptable, The Very Group can respond effectively to changing customer demand and supply chain instabilities in their fast-paced environment.

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  • Industry: Fashion & Luxury
  • Department: All
  • Revenue: £2.2 billion
  • Brands: +2,000
  • Customers: 4.4 million

The Very Group, one of the UK’s largest multi-brand retailer and financial services provider, faced challenges due to volatile demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges ranged from supply chain disruptions to evolving customer needs. Inconsistent, unconnected planning processes emerged across the various business categories. The team embarked on a transformation journey to address these issues by adopting a more intelligent planning approach to enhance planning efficiency and team collaboration and provide a framework for consistent results

Partnering with Board, The Very Group experienced a collaborative relationship throughout the implementation process. Together, they completely transformed their planning approach, establishing an integrated solution for consistent planning and improving day-to-day decision-making efficiency. The team now delivers data insights faster to key stakeholders, operating with standardized frameworks and achieving unprecedented planning efficiency. This positions The Very Group to effectively respond to fluctuating customer demand and supply chain instabilities in a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment