On-demand Webinar

Break free from Hyperion

Escaping HFM and Hyperion Planning has never been so easy.

Abandon an era of rigidity, data silos, poor analytics and IT intensity to join a world of real time flexibility, seamless information, easy reporting, and financial independence.


  • How you can automatically migrate your HFM environment to Board
  • How Board’s flexible Financial Consolidation and Planning platform brings you into a new planning era
  • How Board’s unified Planning and Business Intelligence solution will change your idea of Financial Reporting


During the webinar you will see how easy it is to move from HFM to Board and how Board can significantly improve your Financial Consolidation and Planning processes:

  • Create actual vs budget variance reports on the fly (vs moving data back and forth)
  • Add reporting dimensions without pain (vs impacting historic data, business rules or reports)
  • Take a no coding approach (vs IT-oriented proprietary language)
  • Quickly integrate Financial Consolidation and Planning data with other corporate information (vs working on different data silos)
  • Manage dynamic data in your planning activities (vs having static data)
  • Achieve outstanding flexibility in your planning process (vs needing a team of specialists anytime there is a need to quickly adapt to business changes)
  • Integrate BI, Analytics, Simulation and Planning in a single environment (vs having to use several products)
  • Manage complex requirements with minimal TCO (vs needing time and money to manage even the simplest requirements)