Accelerating Planning & Analytics Transformation in Automotive

BOARD augments carmakers, suppliers and car dealers’ decision-making processes


The Automotive industry is one of the main players of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution. Carmakers and suppliers are significantly investing in emerging technologies: just think about the new hybrid /electric technology for the powertrain and all the buzz around the driverless cars. Not to mention all the new ways of hiring cars or buying related services. In a nutshell, vehicles are increasingly connected and are almost becoming an extension of the smartphone.

Leaving aside the glamour and excitement of these innovations, designing, producing, selling and delivering a car, a motorbike or any other vehicle are still tasks based on heavy R&D, supply chain and commercial processes. All of this means that many resources are supposed to interact and plan from the drawing boards to the car dealers shaking hands with their customers.

These huge efforts are not usually matched and supported enough by a relevant technological evolution of planning, analysis and reporting. A large proportion of the automotive industry still struggles with spreadsheets, data silos and lack of real-time collaboration among different departments, whether involving financial planning, labor costing and projects staffing, or even price definitions.

Given the disruptive combination between outstanding technologies and long product development cycles, suppliers and carmakers need to transform into data and analytics-driven organizations to succeed in making the best choices. In other words, it’s time to enable augmentation of decision makers.

Chosen by global leading automotive organizations such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault, ZF Group, BOARD is the decision-making platform that addresses all planning, analysis and simulation needs. Indeed, BOARD combines Financial and Operational Planning and Analysis from Human Resource and Research & Development to Demand & Operations and Sales & Marketing.

Providing organizations with a Single Point of Truth (SPoT), BOARD empowers automotive companies with a full and consistent view of all products, costs, components, quality and service information from which to compare and evaluate the performances of each division and branch.


Discover how BOARD allows the automotive industry to support end-to-end decision-making processes across the entire organization



HR, R&D and Project
  • Resource Demand Planning & Simulation;
  • Project Planning
  • Project Staffing;
  • Hiring & Re-Skilling Plan.











Demand & Operations
  • Demand-driven Planning, up to individual SKU;
  • Sales & Operational Planning - Manufacturing Integration;
  • Driver-based Forecasting;
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP);
  • Spare Parts and Stock Projection;
  • Warehouse Capacity Planning;
  • Goods-In and Goods-Out Activities Monitoring;
  • Missed deliveries analysis.

Sales & Marketing
  • Quote-to-order Conversion Rate Analysis;
  • Sales Forecasting;
  • Bidding;
  • Configuration & Pricing of Customized Products.
  • CRM Analytics
  • Branch & Division Comparative Performance





Augmenting carmakers, suppliers and car dealers' decision making processes"

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