Case Study

Gruppo Credito Valtellinese - Case Study

Corporate Business Intelligence at Credito Valtellinese

Credito Valtellinese Group
With more than 480 branches operating in Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Lazio and Sicily, over 4,000 employees and total deposits that exceeded 30,000 million: Credito Valtellinese, is an important player in the Italian banking market, a protagonist of continuous development based on service quality, innovation and promotion of socio-economic areas of reference. 

The SW Selection: 4 key factors in choosing Board
"Not wanting to limit ourselves to merely a reporting product - says Giovanni Patroni, Head of Management System - at the beginning we identified 4 fundamental factors to guide our decision: multidimensional analysis capabilities, ability to perform simulations and planning, self-sufficiency and ease of use. After three months of testing we were certain we had made the right choice"

Application Areas: an evolving scenario 
Since August 2004, when the first experimental application was developed, Board has found effective deployment across the organization, delivering business answers to different types of users with a common need: to perform analysis and research, diversified by nature and historical depth, on a large amount of data. 
Board has been implemented in an innovative way: starting form an existing DWH UDB, Board web applications have been created to be used directly by the main information system. These include: 

Customer Management
The Market Department monitors more than 800,000 customers, who can be analyzed by their profit and loss and balance sheet perspective, with reference to previous years behavior. 
A large data set (over 10,000,000 records, with tables of over 2,000,000) is loaded in the multidimensional databases, allowing users to navigate data from the highest level of aggregation to the lowest level of detail. The customers can be segmented according to different criteria, allowing users to perform different kinds of targeted analysis, including profitability, cross-selling, up-selling and churn rate. 

Human Resources 
The Human Resources Department, analyzes and controls dynamically the group headcount, allowing daily visibility on staffing situations across all the Bank departments, branches and subsidiaries. Beginning with this HR representation it is possible to formulate a headcount budget, to carry out simulations on the openings of new branches and to ensure that the HR Director of each bank always has an aggregated overview and updated vision.

The benefits: rapid responses to business users
"Board is extremely flexible and allows us to respond easily and timely to emerging business needs. The most positive aspect - ends Patroni - is the simplicity in making business users self-sufficient and fully proficient in promptly and effectively delivering their own information needs.
Our specialists, thanks to the qualified contribution of SDG Consulting Group, have now gained full control over Boards exhaustive CPM and BI functionalities and are able to support both the technical stage of defining the data model to be made available to users, and the related business users training.