Analysis, Planning and Forecasting for Energy & Utilities Organizations

BOARD helps providers to ignite their decision-making processes, from supply & demand management to commercial strategy planning.

Whether dealing in electricity, natural gas, water or renewables, the energy & utilities industry is increasingly under pressure to minimize upstream costs, maximize downstream profits, build and maintain satisfaction levels to avoid customer attrition and deal with the explosion of data from smart meters.

By unifying analysis, planning and simulation processes for the financial, commercial and energy fields, BOARD accurately controls costs, predicts demand and provides a platform for sustainable, profitable delivery of water, natural gas or electricity.

With BOARD, supply providers can integrate and manage different sets of big data, including energy produced, consumed, transferred to the grid or leaked, providing better control of plants, faster insight into smart meter data and clearer visibility of customer demand.

Discover how BOARD helps energy & utilities companies to expand their client base and improve service quality while preserving profitability and sustainability:

Plant Control and Project management
  • Production Data integration (energy produced, energy consumed, energy transferred)
  • Analysis and control of plant energy production
  • Asset management and maintenance, including percentage asset availability and infrastructure cost analysis
  • Project planning, analysis and reporting for efficient, streamlined delivery
  • Environment, Health & Safety reporting

Energy Management
  • Detailed analysis of smart meter/grid data with advanced analytics capabilities
  • Energy Supply/Grid Optimization (Efficiency, Scheduling, Load, etc.)
  • Loss, theft, fraud and leakage monitoring
  • Energy outage monitoring and reporting

Sales & Marketing
  • Customer acquisition and attrition analysis
  • Customer experience and satisfaction monitoring
  • Energy price forecasting
  • Churn and Cross-Selling analysis
  • Cost-to-serve monitoring