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Continuous improvement is a key factor to leverage and develop workforce in any organization, especially in the Technology industry,
marked by the rapid rate of change and innovation. Whether you are an inexperienced user or a seasoned pro,
the BOARD e-Learning platform suitably addresses your training needs,
no matter where you or your organization is geographically located.

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Equivalent to 4 weeks
of on-site training


Key Advantages

Comprehensive platform

access all the BOARD e-Learning contents through one centrally managed repository. Any material is reliable and validated, according to our quality standards.

Self-directed learning experience

design your own learning curve and track your progress by effectively matching your goals with the contents of the catalogue. BOARD e-Learning dramatically facilitates and boosts the training experience for any type of BOARD user, such as Business Users, End Users, Developers or Administrators, reducing the time-to-productivity lapse with obvious profitable returns.

Anytime, Anywhere

get unlimited and permanent access to e-Learning materials. Learn on your own time, at your own pace and in any location that is convenient. No expenses such as venues and travel costs.


take advantage of the “3pillars” learning approach throughout most of the video courses. Discover WHAT you are going to learn; understand WHY that topic is critical and which benefits it can bring to an organization or a department; find out HOW to implement the relevant solution within BOARD.

Firsthand knowledge

see BOARD in action in the real-world. The BOARD library of courses takes you through fundamental basic concepts right into concrete business cases and provides you an in-depth insight to some common challenges of real-life business.

End-to-end learning journey

gain knowledge across all the fundamental topics of BOARD. From System Setup to Database Design, from Board Application Build and Delivery to Maintenance and Troubleshooting, you can understand the entire Board Solution Lifecycle.


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