Put the right information at decision makers’ fingertips

BOARD combines an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, a comprehensive set of charts, and cutting-edge MS Office® integration with advanced alerting and broadcasting functions, that make it easy to create and distribute any kind of reports across the organization. Once information is distributed, the powerful self-service environment gives individual users all the freedom they need to customize any report, and to obtain immediate answers to their questions through a verified, consistent, shared information source.


Effectively deliver personalized, interactive, stunning reports

BOARD allows companies to schedule and automate the delivery of interactive or static reports to thousands of users in any format, ensuring that employees, customers or partners receive the right information at the right time.
By leveraging security roles, a single report can be distributed across the entire organization or supply chain, but users will only see the data which they have been authorized to view. At the same time, multi-lingual capabilities allow anyone to see information directly in their working language.

Keep data discovery and enterprise reporting on the same page

BOARD provides a modern self-service reporting environment that allows users to customize any report using drag and drop measures and dimensions of analysis. An advanced point-and-click interface enables users to use any BOARD object (graphs, cockpits, dataview lines) as a driver for analysis and to effortlessly manage filters, sorts, and alerts, interacting in a natural and intuitive way with the data.

Get depth of analysis at the speed of thought

When there is the need to dig deeper into data, BOARD provides a unique set of features that allow business users to quickly move from high level overviews to extremely detailed analyses, identifying the drivers behind changes, spotting the hidden patterns, and understanding the perspective trends.



Drill anywhere

Analytical Business Functions

Pre-built time function


Slice and dice





Make your reporting event driven

BOARD alerting and broadcasting mechanisms allow organizations to connect information delivery to the continuous monitoring of business data. Anytime an important event happens, the right decision-maker can be immediately notified, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the information delivery process and the business response of the entire enterprise.

Build once, deploy everywhere

BOARD offers native HTML 5 technology with a fully responsive design that allows reports to be built once without any coding, and immediately deployed on any device.

Exploit Mapping and Advanced Charting

BOARD offers a number of advanced charts including heat map, treemap, waterfall, bubble chart and radar, always providing users with the best visualization options to make sense of their data.
Furthermore, BOARD interactive maps allow decision makers to better focus on the “where factor” and to gain spatial insights on their data.