Planning and Analytics for Grocery Retailers

BOARD covers all of the planning requirements for grocery retailers in a single platform, by integrating financial and operational data and offering the possibility for users to simulate scenarios efficiently from the enterprise level down to store and categories.

From merchandise planning to category management; from sales rolling forecast to store and brand P&L projection; from price and promotion optimization to on-shelf availability, BOARD helps grocery companies manage and control their entire decision-making processes. Learn more about BOARD's planning and analytics solutions for grocery retailers during this 30-minute webinar.

BOARD’s flexibility and ease of use make it easy to align financial objectives with fast-paced daily operations, helping grocery organizations become more efficient and profitable while improving customers’ loyalty and retention.

With BOARD you will be able to:

  • Effectively link category management to business intelligence
  • Master promotion and pricing
  • Integrate grocery planning and analytics
  • Optimize on-shelf availability
  • Link financial objectives to operations
  • Easily define and implement workflows across the whole organization
  • Align the sales, marketing, production and logistical departments
  • Increase users’ efficiency thorough self-service analysis


Technical Requirements and Registration:

To participate in this webinar you require only internet access and speakers on your computer.